My Non Surgical Breast Enhancement Decision

About a year ago I decided to look into breast enhancement for myself. I was not pressured into it by my boyfriend but I think he was extremely excited at the potential outcome! It took me 6 months and I increased 2 cup sizes…not bad! Not being that interested in surgery I explored various techniques and programs used for non surgical breast enhancement.

I felt much more comfortable not going under the knife even though it was a longer process. If you are after immediate results and want to increase to a Double D then definitely check out a reputable surgeon.

I am happy with my body but I did want to have larger boobs. I had given it some thought and then a friend of mine had breast enlargement and I was very impressed with the results that I was sold! It transformed Rachel’s life overnight and she started getting a lot of attention, plus she felt more confident in herself.

That was what I was after so I did my research and have tried most angles. A couple of girls we knew had been to Thailand and had the procedure done on the cheap. It was not a good idea and put me off actual surgery.

The alternative options range from breast enhancement creams to exercises to hypnotherapy and body sculpting. Breast enhancement using any one of these will work as long as you stick with it.

Best of Luck, Marla.


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