Bust Fuel Breast Enhancement

bust fuelBust Fuel is the only breast enhancement product on the market today that contains a unique proprietary blend known as Micro firm. The main ingredient in this blend is the herb pueraria mirifica which has been used for centuries by the women of Thailand for it’s breast enhancement qualities and because it relieves many of the symptoms of menopause. There are a number of other herbs included in this blend including: vitamin E, Miroestrol, deoxmiroestrol, diadzein, and various isoflavenoids.

In clinical studies, Bust Fuel showed that 75% of the women who took part in the study experienced a noticeable lift to their breasts within 21 days and that percentage climbed to 94% by day 42. Testimonials on the site also show that many women experienced an increase in cup size as well, though some women’s increase occurred sooner than others which is to be expected since every woman’s body is different. Not one single woman in the study experienced negative side effects to Triactol.

Bust Fuel has been rated between 76% and 82% effective which makes it one of the most effective breast enhancement products on the market. In addition, it has also been dermatological tested.